One of the questions we’re asked most here at zFloors is whether laminate flooring requires an underlayment with installation. Underlayment is a thin material between the subflooring and flooring, cushioning, absorbing sound, and offering moisture protection and thermal insulation. Here's what you need to know about it.

Underlayment facts for your laminate floors

We must consider several factors to answer this question, including what subfloors you have, the flooring quality, and your preferences. You may or may not require underlayment, but it's worth your time to consider all the applications to ensure the right choice for your laminate flooring.

If your subfloor is rough, damaged, or uneven in places, an underlayment can smooth the surface and prevent your flooring from warping or cracking. In addition, the underlayment can keep moisture in check for concrete subfloors to avoid mold, mildew, or floor swelling.

For wood subfloors, the proper underlayment helps reduce noise, including footsteps, voices, and electronics, for a more peaceful area in every space. The proper underlayment can also help when the flooring is low-quality or thin, adding more thickness and durability.

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