At zFloors, we offer excellent materials and services, but we also provide information that makes your remodel much more manageable. For example, we're discussing whether laminate flooring needs to be acclimated before installation.

Acclimation is an essential service for this product because it helps to ensure the best results after installation. Here are some facts that will shed more light on the service so you can proceed confidently.

What is acclimation?

Acclimation is a service that allows your floors to become accustomed to their new environment before installation. Humidity and temperature changes can cause laminate flooring to expand, but this service prevents the damage that can follow.

Acclimating your laminate flooring

To acclimate your flooring, product boxes should be opened in the area where the laminate will be installed. The process takes roughly 48 hours to ensure the best results in average conditions.

If your area has more moisture or humidity, your flooring specialist may acclimate longer or shorten the time if there's less. We'll tell you what you can expect as soon as you choose your product, and we will take measurements to prepare for the installation.
Feel free to ask questions about this or any other service. We're here to offer the best results in every room.

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