Luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP) and its tile (LVT) flooring counterpart are, simply put,
installations that come in two different shapes yet are manufactured from the same material.
While LVT is created in a tile shape, LVP is manufactured in planks. In essence, LVT assures a
traditional tile appearance, and LVP resembles wood slat surfacing.

What exactly is luxury vinyl flooring?

Luxury vinyl is not to be mistaken for the stick-on vinyl squares of older generations. Instead,
LVP and LVT are technologically advanced surfacing alternatives that are high-quality and on-
par with other flooring options. Decades ago, adhesive vinyl was, in general, a low-cost, low-
grade material. However, nowadays, luxury planks and tiles can perfectly mimic the colors,
shapes, and designs of authentic floors. Available in countless designs and patterns, you can
recreate the luxurious, high-end appearance of your house at a significantly more budget-friendly
rate. Stone, wood, and marble, for instance, are all looks available in luxury vinyl, and many tiles
and planks even come with realistic textures, knots, and veining. Vinyl planks come in various
widths and lengths, while tile often comes with seams for grout to recreate an authentic

Are vinyl floors waterproof?

One massive plus with vinyl surfacing is that it’s waterproof. This makes LVP and LVT an
excellent choice for spaces that may experience some water mishaps, such as kitchens,
bathrooms, or mudrooms. If you’re in an area with basements, then a vinyl installation makes for
an excellent choice in that section of the home too.

Vinyl flooring for your renovation needs

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