When you're considering laminate flooring, the visible surface is often the focal point. However, beneath that stylish layer lies an unsung hero – the underlayment. Not only does it play a crucial role in the performance and durability of your floor, but it also affects comfort and aesthetics. Let's delve into the types of underlayment options and their benefits for laminate flooring.

Why is underlayment essential?

Underlayment serves as a barrier, offering cushioning, sound absorption, and insulation. It's the secret sauce that enhances the longevity of your laminate flooring. Without a suitable underlayment, your floor might not wear as gracefully, might sound hollow when walked upon, or might even feel harder underfoot.

Types of underlayment for laminate flooring

  1. Foam underlayment: This is a popular choice due to its simplicity. Lightweight and easy to install, foam underlayment provides basic sound reduction and protection against moisture.
  2. Felt underlayment: Slightly denser, felt offers better soundproofing qualities. It's an excellent choice for upper-level rooms where noise reduction is paramount.
  3. Cork underlayment: Renowned for its eco-friendly properties, cork offers superb insulation, making it ideal for rooms where temperature regulation is key.
  4. Rubber underlayment: Extremely durable, rubber underlay is resistant to moisture and offers significant sound absorption benefits.

Key benefits of using underlayment with laminate

  • Comfort: Underlayment provides cushioning, resulting in a softer feel underfoot, reducing foot fatigue, especially in areas of high traffic.
  • Sound absorption: No one likes a floor that echoes with every step. A good underlayment minimizes the 'click-clack' sound, making your laminate floor sound more like real hardwood.
  • Temperature regulation: With the right underlayment, your floor becomes an insulator. This means cooler floors in summer and warmer ones in winter, enhancing room comfort.
  • Moisture barrier: In areas prone to moisture, like basements, the right underlayment can prevent moisture from seeping through, safeguarding your laminate flooring from potential damage.

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