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Important facts about carpet

Opting for the soft surface flooring, better known as carpet, can have some long-lasting effects. For instance, you might soon become accustomed to a luxuriously soft underfoot feel or the peacefulness that comes with the noise reduction it provides. You might also learn to appreciate the way it can save money on your heating bill in the winter time. Or you might just love the gorgeous fiber options you’ll get to choose from, that can match just about any existing decor scheme you might have going on.

ZeroRez serves the areas of Minneapolis, St. Paul, St. Louis Park, Lakeville, Eagan, and Coon Rapids, all from a showroom located in St. Louis Park, MN. With a wide variety of floor coverings and carpeting, we want to make sure your home looks and functions as well as you think it should We invite you to stop in at your convenience to speak with a flooring professional about the needs you have for your own floors. We look forward to serving you.

The dream of owning carpet

For many homeowners, carpet is just a dream because they think their lifestyle would not be paired well with this flooring. It’s a common thought among homeowners, especially when it comes to stains and durability, but we have great news. In fact, this could be the floor covering that best suits your needs and you’ve simply been unaware of it.

When it comes to stains, no one wants to see them set in and permanent. If staining is an issue you’re concerned about, be sure to ask your flooring specialist about carpet made especially for you. Stain protection is known built into the fibers themselves of many brands of flooring, which means you don’t have to worry about set in stains that will never come out. In fact, these fibers were created to soak up absolutely nothing. What’s more, that protection will never wear or wash off.
Luxurious carpet in Minneapolis, MN from zFloors by Zerorez
Another worry that some homeowners have is whether or not their carpet will stand up to the wear and tear that happens through their homes on a regular basis. The good news here is, it will. Just make sure to select a brand that offers durability that is top-notch. You’ll find crush resistant flooring in this product line, as well as fibers that are simply created to stand up to even the harshest environments.

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