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For longevity, go with hardwood flooring

There is no hiding the fact that hardwood flooring offers one of the longest lifespans of any floor covering. You are probably aware of at least one historical building in your vicinity that has wood floors that are least 100 years old. This gives you some idea of the possible lifespan of your own hardwood floors, especially if the proper care and maintenance are provided. What’s more, you have some options that will help to create a unique wood flooring that is tailored specifically to your own needs.

ZeroRez provides a variety of high quality floor coverings, hardwoods, and services to the areas of Minneapolis, St. Paul, St. Louis Park, Lakeville, Eagan, and Coon Rapids, from our showroom located in St. Louis Park, MN. We invite you to stop by at your convenience so you can see the selection and find an answer to any flooring questions you might have. Our flooring specialists are standing by to assist you with all your flooring needs.

Hardwood floors are here to stay

Flooring trends come and go, but we are certain hardwood flooring has etched itself into the landscape of flooring forever. There are few floor coverings that are truly as timeless as this one, while still creating elegance wherever it is placed. At the same time, you can expect durability, stability, and many more wonderful benefits out of this material.

It’s important to note that hardwood flooring can never be installed in below grade spaces, so basements are off limits. However, if you find yourself in need of flooring for these spaces, and have your heart set on wood, you can speak to your flooring professional about engineered wood flooring. It does not react in below grade spaces in the same way that solid wood does, so it’s much more suitable for the location.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Minneapolis, MN from zFloors by Zerorez
One of the things that creates the lengthy lifespan in this product is the fact that it can be refinished several times over the entirety of its life. So once the wear and tear begins to really show, you’ll be able to have them refinished. After that, they will look just like new again. This is also a great time to change the stain color and finish type, if you’d like to do so.

We suggest your hardwood flooring installation be done by only professional installers. For more details, speak with your flooring specialist.

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