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Natural stone for long flooring life

When it comes to high-quality flooring materials, natural stone is one of the very best available options. Not only does it offer a wide variety of benefits, but it can also increase the value of your home. In appearance, every single piece of stone is entirely unique. Each piece has its own set of natural characteristics such as coloration, veining, and texture, and they offer a classy and stylish air to your environment.

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Benefits of natural stone flooring

Durability is a mainstay with natural stone floors. Some of the longest lasting products include quartz, slate, and granite. It is rare that either of these materials ever crack or become scratched, so the lifespan in actually quite impressive. It’s not unusual to find stone floors that are 100 years old or older.

These floors are also very resistant to stains, and naturally so. Even softer stones, such as marble, can be treated with special sealants that will make them stain resistant for up to a decade. Proper care and maintenance can keep these floors looking their very best, so make sure to speak with your flooring specialist about the proper maintenance of your choice of stone flooring.

Stone floors are suitable for placement in any room, but are particularly advantageous in the bathroom. Since they are water resistant and hypoallergenic, it just makes more sense to use these materials for such a placement.
Natural stone flooring in St. Louis Park, MN from zFloors by Zerorez
Since stone can come from a variety of locations with world-wide distribution, the specific mineral composition of each can help to create floors that are truly one of a kind. Colors can vary greatly, even in the same stone type, while finishes can include matte, high gloss, textured, and so much more.

Not only is natural stone flooring friendly to the environment, but it can also be reused. This makes it a truly earth-friendly flooring choice for homeowners who may be looking for a “greener” flooring alternative.

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